The Writer’s Dilemma: Writing Approaches

  1. One may be writing so he/she is trying to find out if what he/she wanted to write about, comes out well or not. It’s like I may have a great idea about a subject, but when I finish writing and read it, it may not feel like what I wanted to really convey !!
  2. One may be writing to see if the article gets more traction from audiences (say more likes and comments)
  3. One may be writing, to not have many likes or comments but to see if at least a few people respond saying the article touched them deeply. We often hear from movie directors when fans write to them after watching a movie. E.g. One of the movies that I watched was about, how committing suicide is not a solution to our life’s problems. Many fans wrote to the director saying, “I did not commit suicide because I saw your movie and it changed my life”. Director said, more than the commercial success of the movie, it is about the rewards such as above, are the real outcomes that the directors are behind always.
  4. One may be writing to make money out of it. E.g. writing a book to get more audiences and hence, better royalty or articles to get more claps and engagement in portals like to make earning.
  5. One may be writing to see if there is a real improvement in their writing. We all write on various topics and very different subjects. Every domain of writing demands its own uniqueness. E.g. Analytical writing may need more research data. Creative writing may get more effective when written with real authentic or relatable experiences. So, as we write in more domains, we evolve as a writer which we may want to assess through our writing.



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Ganesh Kuduva

Ganesh Kuduva

Founder — Runner Forever. Health & Wellness Coach. Published Author.